ATLAS Neurophysiology System

The COMPLETE SOLUTION for Your Cognitive Neurophysiology Research Needs

ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier

Full Bandwidth, High Definition Signals
from 256 Electrodes

  • Record stimulus delivery and EEG after-discharges from all electrodes without disconnecting
    amplifier inputs
  • Wide dynamic input range prevents artifact and
    signal clipping
  • Records multi-scale signals of widely
    differing impedances
  • Record evoked responses
  • High common-mode rejection for
    artifact suppression
  • High Definition: 40kHz sampling frequency
    per channel
  • High Density: 256 Channels
  • High Fidelity: 24-bit, 19-bits linear,
    A/D converters

ATLAS HC Headbox

EEG Cap Convenience with High Impedance Buffers

  • Dual DB37 Headcap connectors and
    touch-proof connections
  • DC capability allows recording through the stimulus with immediate response
  • Active, high impedance buffer circuitry delivers high fidelity electrode signals
  • Active buffers are stimulus-tolerant
    up to +/- 15 volts
  • Accommodates standard EEG recording routines

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The Complete Solution for Human Electrophysiology Recording
with One Integrated, High Performance Data Acquisition System.

ATLAS System Diagram