SSI Software Products for Neuralynx’s ATLAS Neurophysiology System
for Cognitive Neurophysiology Applications

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Source Signal Imaging Inc.

Providing the most advanced, powerful and useable software tools
to measure, describe and visualize human brain dynamics

Source Signal Imaging Inc. (SSI) specializes in multimodal source estimation techniques, enabling researchers and clinicians worldwide to combine EEG and MRI datasets to better answer “where” things are happening in the brain, and “when” things change.
To simultaneously answer the “when” and the “where” questions, SSI develops and markets software that combines
MRI and EEG processes: SSI’s Multimodal Dynamic Functional Brain Imaging or Source Estimation software.

SSI’s principal product is EMSE® Suite, a software toolkit consisting of six modules, purchased as a complete set or separately by customers who wish only a subset of the complete functionality (e.g. EEG time series analysis and display). The complete
EMSE Suite supports the key steps required to combine electrophysiological data (i.e. EEG and MEG) with image data
(i.e. CT or MRI) for multimodal dynamic functional imaging. EMSE Suite runs under the Microsoft Windows® family of
operating systems as well as Linux, on Intel-compatible processors.

NOTE: The EMSE Software Suite is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease.