The Neuralynx Advantage


In today's electrophysiology market, there is no shortage of choices.
So why should you choose Neuralynx for your research needs?

The Neuralynx ATLAS Neurophysiology System provides you with The Complete Solution for human electrophysiology recording with one unified, high performance data acquisition system. Designed for the research environment, the ATLAS Neurophysiology System manages all electrophysiology signals from both macro and microelectrodes through a network infrastructure designed for distributed processing and analysis. One amplifier records multi-scale signals of widely differing impedances delivered through a buffered headbox.


  • 40 kHz DC data across all channels (simultaneous sampling)
  • Real-time access to data
  • Channel counts from 32 to 256 DC channels per system
  • Records surface data as well as implanted electrodes
  • Multiple references allow localized referencing for different signals (EEG, EMG, ECG)


  • Different acquisition rate and filter settings can be configured for each channel
  • Digital I/O and NetCom provide exceptional experiment control
  • Record multiple subjects simultaneously
  • Closed-loop capability
  • Multiple electrode interfaces facilitate human or animal experimentation

Cost Effectiveness

The ATLAS Neurophysiology System is also a fully capable animal research system. Aside from providing broad applicability, it allows budgets to be maximized. If you also do animal recordings, one system will now meet the needs of all of your research. Smaller departments can share a system between different labs.

In addition, as a Neuralynx customer you will enjoy:

  • Lifetime technical support
  • Lifetime software upgrades
  • Superior customer service


For over 20 years, Neuralynx, Inc. has been leading the development of cutting-edge data acquisition systems, software, recording interfaces and accessories, as well as custom designs of both hardware and software, for electrophysiology research labs. At the forefront of the Neuralynx product development philosophy is the commitment to provide all customers with THE COMPLETE SOLUTION for their specific experiment and lab environments, while continually exploring and advancing technologies in anticipation of future research trends.

All NLX Products are Backed by over 20 Years of Innovation,
Field-tested Reliability, and Unsurpassed Customer Support.