ATLAS HC Headbox

EEG Cap Convenience with High Impedance Buffers

The ATLAS HC Headbox allows both neurologists and psychologists to
interface EEG Caps to the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier.

Signal Quality

  • Active buffers are stimulus-tolerant
    up to +/- 15 volts (30 volt total)
  • Low noise buffers on all signals for improved signal quality - high fidelity from small contacts and microwires
  • Exact Unity Gain buffers maintain excellent CMR performance for noise and artifact rejection
  • Buffers EEG signals sensed by the electrode cap, and transmits them to the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier to be digitized

Recording Capabilities

  • Record stimulus delivery and EEG after-discharges from all electrodes - amplifier inputs are not disconnected during stimulus delivery
  • Record scalp and intra-cranial electrodes with touch-proof connections

Applications and Use

  • Easily perform short, non-invasive experiments
  • Two DB37 high-density input connectors allow the user to quickly connect electrode head cap cables
  • Additional parallel touch-proof inputs
  • Accommodates standard EEG recording routines
  • Facilitates surface recordings of spontaneous EEG and evoked response
ATLAS Headbox