ATLAS Neurophysiology System

The Complete Solution for Human Electrophysiology Recording with
One Integrated, High Performance Data Acquisition System

Designed for the research environment, the ATLAS Neurophysiology System
manages all electrophysiology signals from both macro and microelectrodes
through a network infrastructure designed for distributed processing and analysis. One amplifier records multi-scale signals of widely differing impedances delivered through a buffered headbox.

ATLAS System Diagram
ATLAS Neurophysiology System Specs
ATLAS Software Screen ATLAS Neurophysiology System ATLAS Headbox

Major ATLAS System Components

ATLAS Software Screen

Pegasus Software

One System for Human and Animal Electrophysiology

  • Intranet infrastructure for distributed processing
    and analysis
  • Unparalled flexibility in reference selection:
    reference is software controlled, not hard-wired
  • NetCom (API) programming interface for on-line
    research analysis
  • Compatible with experiment control software, such as
    E-Prime®, Presentation®, and MATLAB®

Pegasus Software Released
(Pegasus replaces ATLAS Software for cogneuro research.)

ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier

ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier

Full Bandwidth, High Definition Signals
from 256 Electrodes

  • High Definition: 40kHz sampling frequency
    per channel
  • High Density: 256 Channels
  • High Fidelity: 24-bit, 19-bits linear, A/D converters
  • Wide dynamic input range prevents artifact and
    signal clipping.
    No need for gain adjustment: +/- 132 mVAC, +/- 1 VDC
  • Records multi-scale signals of widely differing impedances
  • Record stimulus delivery and EEG after-discharges from all electrodes - amplifier inputs are not disconnected during stimulus delivery
  • Record evoked responses
  • High common-mode rejection for artifact suppression
ATLAS HC Headbox

ATLAS HC Headbox

EEG Cap Convenience with High Impedance Buffers

  • Dual DB37 headcap connectors and touch-proof connections
  • DC capability allows recording through the stimulus with immediate response
  • Active, high impedance buffer circuitry delivers
    high fidelity electrode signals
  • Active buffers are stimulus-tolerant up to +/- 15 volts
  • Accommodates standard EEG recording routines

Assurance of Subject Safety

  • Low picoamp input leakage current for optimal performance and subject safety
  • FDA and CE/MDD cleared for patient use
  • Conformance to standards EN 60601-1, 60601-1-1, 60601-1-2, 60601-1-4, 60601-1-6, 60601-2-26
  • Designed and manufactured under ISO 13485 certification

ATLAS System Applications

Cognitive Electrophysiology Research Environments

E-Prime is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease.