ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier


Acquisition Amplifier

Full Bandwidth, High Definition Signals from 256 Electrodes



The ATLAS Acquistion Amplifier is a self-contained data acquisition system that records multi-scale signals from widely differing signal sources - making it ideal for high bandwidth cognitive electrophysiology recording experiments.

Base sampling rates range from 16kHz to 40kHz per channel, with all channels simultaneously sampled to prevent time skew between channels. The high sample rate allows high resolution of high frequency signals such as HFO and ERP. Channels may be individually sub-sampled to reduce storage requirements.

All inputs are DC coupled with an input range of +/- 1 volt to avoid any input saturation from electrode offsets. This allows studies involving long-term DC potential shifts.

The ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier contains additional interfaces for analog output to allow monitoring of electrode inputs or audio stimulus delivery to the subject. Two 16-bit digital I/O ports are provided to interface other external experiment devices' triggers and status lines to be monitored and controlled in real-time. Each change in any digital I/O signal is time-stamped with a data file Event Record making closed loop experimentation easy to accomplish.

Digital Reference Selection modules provide flexible reference signal selection on an individual channel basis to optimize signal and maximize artifact rejection. References may be switched "on the fly" through the ATLAS Software. This reference selection allows recording other physiological signals with a dedicated local reference.

The ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier provides very low noise ceiling (1.3µvRMS) over the wide bandwidth input range. The 90 dB Common Mode Rejection Ratio provides good artifact and external noise suppression. Active Grounds further improve the
external noise rejection.

ATLAS Amp Specs