MATLAB® Resources

Resources for Software Development, Utilities, and Example Code

Neuralynx provides a variety of MATLAB resource tools for the customization of software programs to meet specific experiment needs, including:

MATLAB MEX Files for importing and exporting NLX files to and from MATLAB variables.

NLX to MATLAB Import Files for Unix/Linux/Mac OSX with pre-compiled binaries and re-compiling scripts.

NetCom On-line Development packages for C++, C++/MFC, VB.NET, C# and MATLAB, including examples using each language, and 64- and 32-bit versions of the library.

On-line MATLAB interfaces are provided through our Netcom interface library, allowing custom real-time experiment control programs to be developed. MATLAB interfaces are provided for on-line interaction with the ATLAS Neurophysiology System for receiving data records from the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier through the Pegasus Software, as well as for controlling the Pegasus Software and ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier hardware interfaces.

MATLAB Netcom Examples submitted by Neuralynx customers and as part of in-house projects, with the majority of scripts utilizing the Development Software and the File Converters & Utilities.

Please note: These software examples are UNSUPPORTED by Neuralynx and should be used for reference only.
All code should be verified by your lab if used in publication or analysis.

MATLAB User Group

Neuralynx invites you to participate in our MATLAB User Group - a MATLAB version of NetCom for on-line data processing and experiment control as well as access to all your Pegasus-generated data records.

Our MATLAB User Group includes a repository of scripts geared towards on-line experiment control and data analysis to provide you with additional MATLAB options and analysis flexibility.

We welcome the addition of your scripts to the Neuralynx-MATLAB repository:


Questions about everything MATLAB:

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